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Diversity In Gaming Series for Black Girl Nerds

With the increased chatter regarding diversity in the video gaming industry (or rather the lack of it), I was asked to increase the number of gaming-related features on Black Girl Nerds in order to showcase all people of color who work within the industry in any capacity or are enthusiasts, collectors, Twitch/YouTube streamers, E-sports competitors, etc.

Since the rallying cry amongst the objectors/trolls was most commonly "Why don't you people make games," we're determined to show that we are out here, we are involved and we have a presence on the development side and in the community in general.

Here are the stories of those who answered our call: entrepreneurs, musicians, developers, competitive gamers, etc. And there are many more to come!

Elaine Gomez

Andrien Gbinigie


Daycia Harley

Soha Kareem

Rebecca Palacios

Byron Delima

Natasha Thomas

Eric Elder

Esther Chen

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