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New Year, New Start

Happy New Year to you!

If you're reading this, it means a few things. It's the new year (obviously) and many changes are in store. First (and biggest) one being, I'm no longer employed by the company formerly known as Satan's Workshop.

Finances prevent them from keeping me (and many others) gainfully employed and as such, I got an early Christmas gift in the form of a layoff. I will admit to initially having mixed feelings about this, but the one feeling that is persistent is relief. All of my excuses for pursuing writing as a full-time endeavor (mainly lack of time and opportunities) have been removed. The stress of the the company's instability is no longer my problem. I'm free to create and plan on doing quite a bit of it in the future.

Here's to a new, exciting

creative, productive, fruitful, successful 2016!

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