• Lauren

...Now what?

So, it's been a minute. Time to catch up. Back in January, I said I was free to create and planned on doing lots of writing. Yeah, I kept that promise. Boy, did I keep that promise. Probably did a little too much, but that's okay (for now).

I did a lot of writing and also decided to take a leap of faith and apply to a few writer's programs at different production companies and networks. (Did I mention I did a lot of writing? I did.) As of today, everything is mailed and submitted and on its way to the powers that be. I have no idea what'll happen, have no expectations whatsoever, but thought that it good to cross it off the list.

Now what?

I made a pretty ambitious to-do list after Satan's Workshop set me free. I have a few more projects to outline, Nerds of Prey episodes to plan, other creative joint ventures taking shape. My work continues but it doesn't feel I'm having fun figuring this out. I'm creating and it feels great.

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