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Real Feminist Stories Profile

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Cameron Airen, creator of the Real Feminist Stories blog.

A few excerpts from our conversation:

"I enjoy telling stories that reflect the world that I live in. I’m forming a production company and I’d like for every project on my slate to create opportunities for people to pursue their passions – especially for people in marginalized groups that have traditionally been or are prone to exclusion."

"Because of my dad’s military career and my own wanderlust, I’ve had many addresses, so many. I was born in Virginia, count Puerto Rico, Germany and Kosovo as my favorite places to live. All were at different ages, so the takeaway from each differed. There’s something about being immersed in different cultures that’s just eye-opening. I was fluent in German and Spanish, learned enough Albanian to get by. I met people who became life-long friends and learned things that can’t be taught in classrooms. It made me observant and more aware of how to approach people and unfamiliar situations. I feel very lucky to have experienced it all."

Full interview can be found here.

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