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Update on "23-16-9"

If you’re reading this, it means we didn’t quite reach our goal for 23-16-9 and that’s okay.

Turns out about 90% of these projects don't get fully funded. It’s a part of the process and comes with the territory when you deal with crowd/public funding. For those who donated, you’ll soon be getting a refund…and our continued thanks for your support.

The most important thing we have to tell you is we aren't quitting!

We’re picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and we have another bigger project in the works. We are also formally launching our YouTube channel: shorts, skits and other shenanigans. We will continue to boost and support PoC creatives who are fighting to get their voices heard, projects made and a voice in the room.

Here is how you can help: don't just like a tweet but put your words into actions; mentoring, funding, create idea labs, the list goes on. Most importantly, you can keep encouraging women of color in your life to going because their stories matter.

-Lauren and the Validvictorian Productions Crew

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