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Are Asian Superheroes A Contradiction in American Culture?

Lauren and film critic Rebecca Theodore discuss the controversial New York Times article about Asian superheroes and are joined by special guest Imran Siddique.

Race Fails 2015

Lauren and film critic Rebecca Theodore discuss the race-related casting and business fails that plagued Hollywood in 2015. 

Not Your Mama's Gamer #114: No One Benefits From Exclusion

In this episode, we sat down with Lauren Warren to talk first-person shooters, transferable skills, and Lauren’s Diversity in Gaming project and by the time we were done, we were ready to duel BGN for the right to keep her forever. This is a sometimes-raucous, sometimes-serious episode that is not to be missed.

Food Fight Podcast - Tacos

In this episode, The Nerds of Prey return for the season finale as they discuss one of their (and everyone's) favorite foods: tacos! The panel gets into all things taco and all related foods. What makes a perfect taco? Is there ever a bad time to eat tacos? Why does Taco Bell try so hard? And what is Chipotle? Take a tour de food as we reminisce of tacos past, including the Choco Taco.

Real Feminist Stories #29

In this episode, The Nerds of Prey chat with Cameron about fulfilling a need for more diverse perspectives and experiences in nerd culture. They nerd out about a variety of aspects of nerd culture including comics, gaming, tv shows, films, and fandom culture like cosplay and attending cons. 

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