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Character Quirks - Nancy Botwin

Remember the Showtime show Weeds?

The earlier seasons of this show were quite amusing. A widow becomes the local weed lady to support her family after the sudden death of her husband. Traditional employment never crossed her mind and for a while she was able to keep it under control. Well, as under control as such a profession could possibly be.

Her life (and the show) seemed to spiral after Season 5, but one thing that remained consistent (and what stuck with me the most) was her addiction to iced coffee.

Yep. Caffeine for the win.

Very rarely did you NOT see a beverage in Nancy's hand. Iced Coffee was an uncredited cast member.

I'm always on the lookout for things like this to apply to my writing. A favorite coffee flavor? Lipstick? Subtle idiosyncrasies that make a character stick out. doesn't have to be too loud or flashy. Years after this show ended, there are think pieces and Tumblr blogs dedicated to this simple, yet memorable trait.

As a caffeine enthusiast myself, I totally approve.

*sips coffee*

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